Maddalena Martella
Interpreter and Translator
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The freelancer: a unique, competent, available and approachable partner

Choosing a freelancer instead of an agency is qualitatively and economically advantageous not only for business clients but also for individuals. Unlike working with translation agencies, contact with the freelancer is more personal, quicker and more immediate because there is no third party involved. Moreover, it is easier to adapt to the particular requirements of any individual project. Only a professional translator is able to immediately understand which factors in a project are most relevant and to advise the costumer on the best strategies and solutions.

Benefits to you:

  • only one contact who is responsible for all the stages of the project: from the quote to the communication of any detail or change, to the accounting;
  • only one person who is responsible for the entire project, even if many professional translators are working on it (e.g. on large projects or with short deadlines);
  • a slim, flexible, fast and efficient structure;
  • for your multilingual project I work ONLY with qualified mother tongue colleagues, who have already proven their experience and who I know in person (unlike most large translation agencies);
  • also available outside office hours, especially when the project deadline or the meeting are approaching;
  • after-sale service: assistance and availability even after the conclusion of the project (if questions arise regarding the meeting or if the text needs to be modified);
  • transparency, immediacy and support;
  • no risk that some important information gets “lost” in communication, filtered by a third party;
  • and, last but not least, time and cost savings. This is made possible by quicker communication and the fact that quotes offered by freelancers are often less expensive than those from agencies. Freelance translators do not apply any of the commission fees used by agencies to cover their higher management costs.

For more information about the services and their benefits to you, please feel free to contact me at any time. I will be happy to answer any question!