Maddalena Martella
Interpreter and Translator
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Fully understanding the topic of discussion, with no misunderstandings, is key to the success of meetings and events. An interpreter has to be experienced and competent, have excellent linguistic skills, deep knowledge of the discussed topics, but also understand the mechanisms of communication, know how to react if something unexpected happens, convey the message between the conversation’s partners with impartiality and objectivity.

Due to my solid academic preparation and the acquired work experience, I will support you with professionalism and precision whenever you meet your international partners.

Some of the offered services:

  • business visits
  • business dinners
  • business trips
  • meetings
  • briefings
  • conferences
  • panel discussions
  • trainings
  • interviews for radio and television
  • business calls
  • exhibitions

You will also be best advised on the most appropriate interpreting technique depending on the type of meeting, the number of participants and the location. The appropriate technique also varies depending on the setting – exhibition, conference, business trip, business negotiation or dinner:

  • consecutive: the interpreter listens carefully to the source-language speaker for 10 up to 15 minutes, takes notes; when the speaker finishes or pauses, the interpreter renders the speech in the language of the target audience
  • liaison: particularly suited for business meetings or visits; the interpreter allows the smooth communication between the partners
  • simultaneous: the interpreter usually sits in a sound-proof boot, listens to the message in the source language via earphones and renders it simultaneously in the target language speaking into a microphone
  • whispering: the interpreter stands or sits right next to the small target audience and translate it simultaneously “whispering”

For any information or questions about the most appropriate interpreting service or for general questions, feel free to contact me at any time: I will be happy to offer you the most effective and convenient solution!